SH-FU-4.5MHV (1500℃/4.5liters)



Are you looking for vacuum furnace for carbon-free atmosphere for battery anode materials such as graphite powder development, metal injection molding, metallization and sintering?

Do you need CVD (chemical vapor deposition) furnace for graphene development and production? SH Scientific vacuum muffle furnace is the proven system to produce and grow graphene on metal substrate such as cooper by CVD (chemical vapor deposition) method. So called, CVD vacuum furnace.

SH Scientific vacuum furnace is the solution providing a precisely defined atmosphere with the highest possible purity. And vacuum muffle furnace overcomes the trouble of non-crossing streamlines as well as the limit of sample sizes thanks to the spacious square chamber.

SH Scientific is proud of this innovation of MGV (1200℃) and MHV (1500℃) vacuum furnace with various chamber sizes for your successful research and production with affordable prices.

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  • Zero oxidation thanks to 100% gas saturation environment
  • CVD (chemical vapor deposition) furnace for GRAPHENE development and production
  • Preventing the non-crossing streamlines phenomenon in vacuum chamber
  • Create your multiple atmospheric environment (burning and ashing in air, purging air and pulling vacuum, flowing inert gas and sintering)
  • No limitation on materials sizes compared to the ones with tube furnace
  • Support hardening, annealing, tempering, brazing and sintering with or without vacuum
  • Vacuum heat treating and vacuum brazing
  • Vacuum gauge for visual pressure monitoring
  • Recommended ideal running temperature is below 1350℃
  • Ceramic fiber materials which are not classified as carcinogenic
  • Vacuum close and vent valve
  • Gas inlet/outlet ports
  • Mass flow controller for 98 kinds of various gases including Argon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen. Option
  • Back pressure regulator. Option
  • Digital vacuum meter. Option
  • Over temperature protector


Model SH-FU-4.5MHV SH-FU-18.7MHV
Max temperature 1500℃ 1500℃
Continuous running temperature 1350℃ 1350℃
Chamber volume 4.5liters 18.7liters
Controller SP590 programmable controller SP590 programmable controller
Heater 3.3kW 10.0kW
Sensor R type R type
Heating element SIC SIC
Insulation Ceramic board & wool (ceramic fiber) Ceramic board & wool (ceramic fiber)
Chamber size 150x200x150mm 250x300x250mm
External size 630x590x830mm 730x690x930mm
Option Digital vacuum meter
Mass flow controller
Back pressure regulator
Digital vacuum meter
Mass flow controller
Back pressure regulator
Power supply 220V, 50/60Hz, 1p, 15A 220V, 50/60Hz, 3p, 15A