Muffle furnace - tube furnace - vacuum furnace and vertical autoclave

SH Scientific has been a leading manufacturer of various types of furnaces since 1982 for the industries needing material testing and treatment, annealing, ashing, sintering, biochar processing from agricultural wastes and etc.

We provide various temperature coverage (1050°C, 1200°C, 1500°C, 1700°C, 1800°C) matching your budget and application as well as various sizes. Not to mention small scale general application but also we perform large scale custom project such as rotary kiln.

Does your lab need sterilization for glassware, tools and media? Our vertical autoclave will be your fastest solution with greater volume. 

Muffle Furnace

SH Scientific muffle furnaces have chamber capacities from 3L to 36L 
with maximum temperatures ranging from 1050°C to 1800°C.

Muffle furnaces are ideal for ashing samples, heat-treating applications and material testing and research. These days the use of furnaces are more rapidly growing throughout the advanced industries such as secondary battery, graphene battery, polymer composite, treatment of titanium

Good news! Are you looking for vacuum muffle furnace for carbon-free atmosphere for metal injection molding, metallization and sintering? CVD (CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION) FOR GRAPHENE development and production? SH Scientific vacuum muffle furnace is the solution providing a precisely defined atmosphere with the highest possible purity.

Our muffle furnaces specification includes (but not limited to):

  • Flap door or swing door
  • Heating from 3 sides or 4 sides with excellent temperature uniformity (+/-2.5%)
  • Heating from 2 sides and vertical SiC rod preventing warping (1500°C only)
  • Heating from 2 sides and vertical MoSi2 rod preventing warping (1700°C and 1800°C only)
  • Excellent outgassing thanks to the exhaust air outlet on the head of chamber, i.e plastic polymer
  • Single housing or double housing
  • Ceramic fiber materials which are not classified as carcinogenic
  • Light weight
  • Prompt heat up and good maintaining
  • SSR/SSR operation and PID control provides low noise operation and precise temp control (+/-1℃)
  • Gas atmosphere available optional flow meter

1050℃ economic muffle furnace (3L - 11L)

- Economic muffle furnace with flap door
- Heating from 3 sides

1100°C – 1200°C General Muffle Furnace (2.9L – 27L)

- General muffle furnace with swing door
- Heating from 4 sides and excellent temperature uniformity (+/-2.5%)

1500℃ - 1800℃ high temperature muffle furnace (4.5L - 22L)

- High-Temperature Furnaces with MoSi2 Rod Heating up to 1700°C
- Heating from 2 sides and vertical MoSi2 rod preventing warping. Easy replacement

Vacuum Furnace

Do you have concerns if your materials would be oxidized during the heat treatment?
Do you want to carry out your test, process and production in fully controlled oxygen-free environment? CVD (CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION) for GRAPHENE development and production?
And you don’t know how?

Your choice is vacuum furnace!

General muffle furnace can not create fully saturated inert gas environment around the corners of the chamber due to the non-crossing streamlines phenomenon.
Tube furnace with vacuum applied can be a good selection for saturating your tube with inert gases but what if your sample is big?

Vacuum muffle furnace (in short, vacuum furnace) overcomes the trouble of imperfect saturation as well as the limit of sample sizes.
You can create multiple atmospheric environment according to your plan (burning and ashing in air, purging air and pulling vacuum, flowing inert gas and sintering).

SH Scientific is proud of this innovation of MGV (1200℃) and MHV (1500℃) vacuum furnace with various chamber sizes for your successful research and production with affordable prices.

1200℃ - 1500℃ Muffle type vacuum furnace

Inert gas flow and pressure control system (optional)

1200℃-1800℃ tube type vacuum furnace

1200 FU-PK-LTG

1200℃ - 1800℃ Vacuum furnace

  • Muffle type in case of bulky sample material
  • Tube type in case of small sample material
  • Eliminating a risk of oxidation
  • Mass flow controller for 98 kinds of various gases including Argon, Nitrogen and Hydrogen (option)
  • Back pressure regulator (option)
  • Maintain positive pressure throughout your process
  • Preventing the non-crossing streamlines phenomenon in vacuum chamber (Muffle type) 
  • Affordable prices

Tube Furnace

You are in the best place if you look for reliable and professional tube furnace selection at the most reasonable price with free shipping.

– tube furnace only
– tube furnace with gas flow meter system
– tube furnace with gas flow meter system bundled with vacuum pump and chiller

SH Scientific tube furnaces have applicable tube diameter from 50mm to 120mm with maximum temperatures ranging from 1200°C to 1800°C. We also proudly supply gas flow package having single and multi gas flow meters with Quartz, ceramic, alumina and alloy tubes. Proven system for CVD (CHEMICAL VAPOR DEPOSITION) furnace for GRAPHENE development and production

1200 FU-PK-LTG

1200℃ - 1800℃ tube furnace

  • Hinged or solid door
  • Double housing and low surface temperature
  • Great durability thanks to Kantal or SIC heating element
  • K/R/B type thermocouple
  • Suitable for gas exchange experiment
  • Built in programmable controller. 5 patterns and 9 segment/pattern. Total 45 segments
  • Wide choice of applicable tube sizes and heating length. 50/80/100/120mm diameter 
  • and 300/600mm heating zone
  • Wide choice of tube materials. Quartz, ceramic, alumina and alloy

1200℃ general tube furnace

- General tube furnace with hinged door
- Suitable for gas exchange experiment
- SSR operation and built in programmable controller provides low noise operation and precise temp control (+/-1℃)

1500℃ high temperature tube furnace

- High temp tube furnace with hinged door
- Recommended ideal running temperature is below 1350℃
- Great durability thanks to SIC heating element and easy replacement

1700℃-1800℃ super high temperature tube furnace

- High temp tube furnace with solid door
- Great durability thanks to SIC heating element and easy replacement of MoSi2

Vertical Autoclave

Autoclaves are widely used in various labs such as research, medical and therapeutic labs and manufacturing facilities where they need to sterilize glassware, tools and media. Compared with horizontal style benchtop autoclaves, SH Scientific vertical style autoclaves boast of incomparable yield thanks to large scale chamber, easy loading and unloading and quickest sterilization time.

SH-AC-60M (60L) SH-AC-100M (100L) and SH-AC-150M (150L) Vertical Autoclave

Sterilizing lab supplies and tools by subjecting them to pressurized steam under 15psi at 121℃ (250°F ) for certain length of time per the size of the load and materials. Are you mushroom farmer? Sterilizing substrates with our autoclaves will simplify and streamline your process!

List of Furnaces

see all kinds of furnaces we have

  • SH-FU-3MGE (1050℃/3liters)

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  • SH-FU-5MGE (1050℃/5liters)

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  • SH-FU-7MGE (1050℃/7liters)

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  • SH-FU-11MGE (1050℃/11liters)

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  • SH-FU-3MG (1100℃/3liters) with embedded heating element

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  • SH-FU-5MG (1100℃/5liters) with embedded heating element

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  • SH-FU-14MG (1100℃/14liters) with embedded heating element

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  • SH-FU-3MG (1200℃/3liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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  • SH-FU-1.5MGV (1200℃/1.5liters)

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  • SH-FU-10MGV (1200℃/10liters)

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  • SH-FU-18.7MHV (1500℃/18.7liters)

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  • SH-FU-31MGV (1200℃/31liters)

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  • SH-FU-4.5MHV (1500℃/4.5liters)

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  • 1200℃ tube furnace turn-key package with chiller and vacuum pump

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  • 1500℃ tube furnace turn-key package with chiller and vacuum pump

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  • 1700℃ / 1800℃ tube furnace turn-key package with chiller and vacuum pump

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SH Scientific has been manufacturing and supplying scientific and laboratory equipment since 1982. And we supply vacuum ovens, cold trap baths, vacuum pumps, industrial drying ovens, forced convection drying ovens, CBD isolate vacuum chambers, terpene traps, stirring mantles, recirculating chillers and heaters, incubators, climate chambers, bio safety cabinets, fume hoods, autoclaves, water baths, oil baths, ultrasonic cleaners, rotary evaporators, glass reactors, clean bench and so on. And we do OEM and custom products as well.

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