High Temperature Tube Furnace

SH Scientific’s high temperature tube furnace goes up to max 1500 degrees Celsius (℃) and the ideal operating temperature is 1350 degrees Celsius (℃).
Gas exchange environment is available with additional gas flow meter.
Tube furnace is the most ideal and economical tool for oxygen-free reduction, annealing experiment with quartz tube and alumina tube.
Tube furnaces consist of cylindrical chambers surrounded by heating elements, which enable rapid heat up, recovery and cool down. They are designed for a range of applications with features that can include: programmable digital controllers, double-shell construction, variable density insulation and split-hinge designs or solid door design to allow horizontal usage.
SH Scientific also provides recirculating chiller and vacuum pump as turnkey system for your perfect setup.


Are you looking for large scale kiln for pilot and commercial batch?
Industrial kiln is our specialty and we have profound knowledge with multiple reference. Let us know your target plan and we will come up with practical solution.

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