High Temperature Muffle Furnace

SH Scientific’s high temperature muffle furnace goes up to max 1500 degrees Celsius (℃) and the ideal operating temperature is 1350 degrees Celsius (℃).
And our super high temperature muffle furnace goes up to max 1700 / 1800 degrees Celsius (℃) and the ideal operating temperature is 1550 / 1650 degrees Celsius (℃) respectively.

SH Scientific muffle furnaces are ideal for wide range of application including ashing, calcination, reduction, oxidation, dissociation, sintering, pyrolysis, reaction, hardening and tempering, melting, thermocouple calibration, annealing, stress relieving and etc.

Our MS series high and super high temperature muffle furnaces enables rapid ramp up heating, recovery and cooling in self-contained energy-efficient chamber. A variety of sizes, temperature control programmable option and 3 ranges of maximum temperature settings are available.


a. Destructive testing laboratories who carry heat treatment of ceramic, alloy, titanium and etc for aerospace and metallic production industries.
b. Building companies who transforms metallic power such as nickel alloy into sintered materials by sintering.
c. Material technology providers who develop polymer composites and graphene materials.
d. Aerospace companies who perform cyclic oxidation test between 1700C to room temperature in atmosphere-controlled environment.
e. Medical and healthcare companies who need analysis of ashes and contents through combustion of materials.
f. Material innovation companies who do sintering in vacuum or in inert gases.
g. Subsea and surface injection system companies who need vacuum furnace for softening cycles, annealing and age hardening of Inconel 718 tubes.
h. Analytical research labs who perform various material testing with thermal treatment.
i. Medical implants manufacturers who anneal alloy powders.
j. Material scientists in universities who do sintering materials such as polymer-derived ceramic parts.
k. Applied science engineers who process solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC).
l. Environmental and chemical researchers who need combustion of materials.
m. Regulatory compliance service providers in the areas of hazardous waste thermal treatment, air permitting, air pollution control, contaminated soil remediation, and hazardous waste management.
n. Metallic parts manufacturers who need vacuum brazing and heat treating for steel.
o. Water treatment companies who test glass content in FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) products according to ASTM D2584.
p. Semiconductor manufacturers who anneal Gallium nitride (GaN) semiconductor wafer.
q. Engineering companies who do curing and sintering solutions in porous ceramic tubes.
r. Civil engineers who need soil combustion.
s. University labs who anneal Si wafer in vacuum condition.
t. Chemistry research departments who do the thermal treatments (stabilization in air and carbonization in argon) of carbon nanofiber precursors.
u. Marine equipment manufacturers who analyze ash content in marine HFO (Heavy Fuel Oil).
v. Graphene solution companies who produce graphene-based materials by CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) method. CVD furnace
w. Solid state battery manufacturer with polymer electrolyte, oxide electrolyte, sulfide electrolyte, phosphate electrolyte and etc.

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  • SH-FU-4MH (1500℃/4.5liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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  • SH-FU-11MH (1500℃/11liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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  • SH-FU-22MH (1500℃/22liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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  • SH-FU-36MH (1500℃/36liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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  • SH-FU-4MS (1700°/4.5liters)

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  • SH-FU-11MS (1700°C/11liters)

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  • SH-FU-22MS (1700°C/22liters)

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  • SH-FU-4MS (1800°C/4.5liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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  • SH-FU-11MS (1800°C/11liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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  • SH-FU-22MS (1800°C/22liters) * Optional gas flow meter

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