Muffle type

Vacuum muffle furnace overcomes the limit of sample sizes thanks to the spacious square chamber compared with the use of vacuum tube furnace.

SH Scientific is proud of this innovation of MGV (1200℃) and MHV (1500℃) vacuum furnace with various chamber sizes for your successful research and production with affordable prices.

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  • SH-FU-1.5MGV (1200℃/1.5liters)

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  • SH-FU-10MGV (1200℃/10liters)

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  • SH-FU-18.7MHV (1500℃/18.7liters)

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  • SH-FU-31MGV (1200℃/31liters)

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  • SH-FU-4.5MHV (1500℃/4.5liters)

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