Vertical Autoclave

Vertical autoclaves (or steam sterilizer) have been widely used in biomedical research such as microbiology and mycology as well as medical and chemical sterilization. Typical loads include laboratory glassware, other equipment and waste, surgical instruments and medical waste and subject them to pressurized saturated steam at 121°C (250°F).

SH Scientific laboratory and non-medical grade autoclaves are used to sterilize mushroom substrate and lab supplies.


a. University lab who sterilizes glass bioreactors and glass bottles.
b. Testing lab who sterilizes the culture media, reagents, and equipment as well as for decontaminating biohazardous waste materials.
c. Several mid-scale mushroom farmers who sterilizes bulk substrate for mushroom cultivation
d. Several startup farmers who prepare grain spawn and sterilize glassware and fungal growth equipment.
e. Several mushroom stores who distribute ready to use sterilized grains and substrate.
f. Food ingredient company who utilizes fungi-based food-processing platforms.
g. medical device surface solution company who develops a nano-scale antimicrobial coating through a vacuum deposition process.
h. Bioengineering company who does genome engineering.
i. Clinic who sterilizes medical wastes.
j. Braided cords manufacturer who heat-set the nylon braided cords to meet the requirements of US military specification properties.
k. Cannery who sterilizes glassware.
l. Distillery who sterilizes yeast growth media.
m. Biopharmaceutical company who sterilizes labware.
n. Chemical and environmental engineering dept in university who focuses on bacteria and yeast genetic engineering. Sterilization of bottles, growth media, pipette tips, etc is the use.
o. Biomedical and pharmaceutical science dept in university who needs to kill microorganisms and decontaminate certain biological waste and sterilize media, pipette tips and other lab ware like beaker and large flasks.
p. Nano engineering dept in university who sterilize glassware.
q. Bioprocessing company who sterilizes fermenter vessels.

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