General Elevator Furnace

SH Scientific general elevator furnace goes up to max 1200 degrees Celsius (℃) and the ideal operating temperature is 1000 degrees Celsius (℃).
Our MGU series has digital PID controller and MHU/MSU series have programmable controller.

Gas exchange environment is available with additional gas flow meter.
Elevator furnaces are ideal for reduction, calcination, sintering, application of coatings and other processes.
SH Scientific Elevator Furnace provides superior temperature uniformity and boasts energy efficient insulation.
We deliver an ultra-pure atmosphere for users to process critical materials with minimal gas consumption.


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    SH-FU-3.5MGU (1200℃/3.5liters)

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    SH-FU-6.5MGU (1200℃/6.5liters)

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