Do you have concerns if your materials would be oxidized during the heat treatment? Do you want to carry out your test, process and production in fully controlled oxygen-free environment? And you don’t know how?
Your choice is vacuum furnace!
General muffle furnace can not create fully saturated inert gas environment around the corners of the chamber due to the non-crossing streamlines phenomenon. Tube furnace with vacuum applied can be a good selection for saturating your tube with inert gases but what if your sample is big?
Vacuum muffle furnace (in short, vacuum furnace) overcomes the trouble of imperfect saturation as well as the limit of sample sizes.
You can create multiple atmospheric environment according to your plan (burning and ashing in air, purging air and pulling vacuum, flowing inert gas and sintering).

SH Scientific is proud of this innovation of MGV (1200℃) and MHV (1500℃) vacuum furnace with various chamber sizes for your successful research and production with affordable prices.