SH-FU-4MH (1500℃/4.5liters) * Optional gas flow meter




Muffle furnaces allow rapid high-temperature heating, recovery, and cooling in self-contained energy-efficient cabinets.

A variety of sizes, temperature control models, and maximum temperature settings are available.

SH Scientific muffle furnaces are ideal for ashing samples, heat-treating applications and materials testing and research.

Our MH series muffle furnace is high end high temperature furnace for your special application.

Good news! Are you looking for vacuum muffle furnace for carbon-free atmosphere for metal injection molding, metallization and sintering?

SH Scientific vacuum muffle furnace is the solution providing a precisely defined atmosphere with the highest possible purity.


  • High temperature furnace with SiC Rod heating with swing door
  • Great for testing metallic sample
  • Built in programmable controller. 5 patterns and 9 segment/pattern. Total 45 segments
  • Recommended ideal running temperature is below 1350℃ *24hours continuous running
  • Heating from 2 sides and vertical SiC rod preventing warping. Easy replacement
  • Excellent outgassing thanks to the exhaust air outlet on the head of chamber, i.e plastic polymer
  • Double housing and low surface temperature
  • Ceramic fiber materials which are not classified as carcinogenic
  • Great temp uniformity (+/-4%)
  • Prompt heat up and good maintaining
  • SCR operation and programmable control provides low noise operation and precise temp control (+/-1℃)
  • Gas atmosphere available with optional flow meter


Model SH-FU-4MH
Max temperature 1500℃
Continuous running temperature 1350℃
Chamber volume 4.5liters
Controller Programmable controller
Sensor R type
Heater 5kW
Heating element SiC
Insulation Ceramic
Power supply                                               220V, 50/60Hz, 1p, 22A
Net weight 92kg
Chamber size 150x200x150mm
External size 820x560x740mm